Completed Digital Tasks

Decided to  share or update our blog site with most recent completed tasks for today and this weekend. 

First,  we changed hosting platform for our hub site titled Full Circle Offers from wordpress to blue host. I hope it wasn't a detrimental decision, however, we had no choice! 

We fine tuned or updated a few listings  to get better ranking and search engine optimization. We still have a long way to go, as far as upgrading the shop to whereas our satisfaction is met. 

More digital content our portfolio's were created and on display. Our strategy is to keep creating and listing, until we create our following and niche! 

I'm a firm believer in hard work paying off and long as you're doing what keep you intrigued and interested, then your desired outcome will eventually manifest. 

I'm going to end this post so more progress can be made however, stay tuned!

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